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"I was pleasantly surprised to see Cantata Fitness focusing on people my age.  That impressed me and then the program itself impressed me even more.  It was so different than any other program I had ever participated in before."

Cathy Colgrass-Edwards

"The Cantata Fitness Center is a wonderful experience. I began coming to Cantata Fitness 2 years ago and I am now 20 pounds lighter! I enjoy the group exercise classes and have made new friends."

Dorothy Johnson


Pic Fitness

Imagine your best active life! We have.

logo-FitnessCenter.jpgCantata Fitness Services are designed to help you live your best life by improving your well-being, balance and belonging. In our bright, inviting Cantata Fitness Center, you'll find specialized equipment and individualized instruction that will contribute significantly to your overall sense of wellness.

Our Certified Exercise Physiologists specialize in training adults with crucial exercises essential to healthful aging. We keep you moving and help prevent some of the common conditions that can result from inactivity. Our fitness services also can be a central part of your rehabilitation following cardiac surgery, stroke, a broken bone or other medical circumstance. They also serve as a great option for those who are "prehabbing" to prepare for a surgical procedure.

A Cantata Fitness Center membership includes:

  • Specially-designed, joint-friendly, easy-to-use equipment

  • A personalized approach designed by a Certified Fitness Coach

  • Computerized tracking of your machine use with a smart card system

  • Focus on meeting your personal goals and measuring your progress

  • The fitness format you prefer - Work out in a group or on your own  

One-on-One Training

Whatever your fitness and wellness goals, we have the right training approach to meet your personal needs and aspirations: Functional Fitness Training, Weight Loss Training, General Health Training, Balance and Flexibility Training, and Sports Performance Training.