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Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Enrich your life as you enrich the lives of others.

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Hello!  My name is George Columbus, and I am the Volunteer Coordinator for Cantata Adult Life Services.

If you'd like to speak with me about Cantata's Volunteer Opportunities, please call me at 708-387-8366 or contact me via email at  I look forward to hearing from you.


Volunteering pays in so many ways. While you don't make money, you do make a lasting difference in the lives of those you serve, and in your life as well. It's a great way to fulfill internship or service hour obligations for church, school or scouts and you'll make new friends. And, volunteering pays on your resume because it reveals a selfless, caring, "team player" aspect to your character that employers value. In fact, a recent study tells us that:

  • 73% of employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without.
  • 94% percent of employees who volunteered to learn new skills had benefited either by getting their first job, improving their salary or being promoted.
  • 94% of employers believe that volunteering can add to skills.

Am I a good fit?

Cantata attracts people who like people. That positivity is first and foremost. Beyond that, we look for volunteers who are enthusiastic, compassionate, with a variety of backgrounds and experience to draw from. If this sounds like you, we're eager to talk.

Current Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Please submit your youth volunteer application for any of the following opportunities.

Evening Life Enrichment Assistant

Assist the Life Enrichment Staff in running games (bingo,yatzee etc) with clients. Hours are Monday-Friday 5:45pm-7:00pm.

Evening/Weekend Healthcare Center Receptionist

Attends to visitors and deals with inquiries on the phone and face to face. Supplies information regarding Cantata to the general public, clients and customers. Provides general administrative and clerical support. Hours are flexible.

Weekend Life Enrichment Assistant

Works with the Life Enrichment Staff and assists residents with completing crafts projects, playing games, etc. Hours are flexible.