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August Farmers Market

On August 5, 2015, Dining Services held a Farmers Market in the Cantata English Garden, featuring locally-grown produce. Everything came from the Chicago area where possible, and otherwise from other places in the nearby Midwest.

There's a First Time for Everything - Even After 100

Age is no reason to stop experiencing new things!


Barely a week after turning 100, Loretta went to Comiskey Park to attend her first baseball game. White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf treated her and her family to a skybox for the game.


Eyes to the Skies 2015


Last Friday, a handful of Cantata residents had a chance to ride the hot air balloon, Serena's Song! 


Balloon ride sponsored by Seaspar.

Loretta Turns 100!


Woodlands resident Loretta celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday, July 6th! 

Her age definitely does not hold her back from enjoying life - she still regularly plays bridge at Cantata with many long-time friends and actively participates in many of our Life Enrichment activities! She'll also be having a big celebration with her family this Saturday. 


Life at Wye Valley: Hemingway Festivities


Ernest Hemingway, one of the most famous 20th century novelists, was born in Oak Park, IL, not too far from the Cantata campus. Using this as inspiration, June was named Ernest Hemingway month for the Wye Valley Residents! Throughout the month, residents learned about this literary superstar through all sorts of festivities.

 The first two events that took place this month were “The Armchair Traveler Presents: Hemingway’s Railway Journeys” and “Tea with the Librarian Presents: Hemingway the Man.” “The Armchair Traveler” is a BBC travel documentary that describes Hemingway’s adventures in Italy, Spain, and Africa. After watching it, residents had a short discussion about the author’s exciting life. At “Tea with the Librarian,” a local librarian came to campus and described Hemingway and his writings over a hot cup of tea with the Cantata community.

The next event the Wye Valley hosted was a movie night, showing the movie based on “A Farewell to Arms,” one of Hemingway’s most popular books. The movie go-ers enjoyed popcorn while watching the thrilling Oscar-winning film!

The last event was one of the most entertaining ways to celebrate Ernest Hemingway. Residents and Cantata community members came together to participate in a Hemingway Look-A-Like contest and enjoy a Spoken Word Presentation party. Treats and one of Hemingway’s favorite drinks, dry vermouth martinis, were served. The winner of the look-a-like contest was Cantata volunteer Jack Stephenson, an army veteran, motorcyclist, and Ernest Hemingway enthusiast!

June’s Hemingway theme was a huge success. Residents and community members alike were given a great opportunity to learn about and celebrate the life of Ernest Hemingway. Look out for information on Wye Valley’s next festivities!

Life at Wye Valley: Lottie's Ballroom Dancing


Since moving to Wye Valley two years ago, Lottie has led a quiet, easygoing life focused on taking care of her health. She spends most of her time either relaxing or on the internet doing shopping, playing games, and researching answers to questions.


But every Sunday, Lottie goes out dancing! Watch the video clip below to see Lottie participate in a lively cha-cha dance. 

Helping Hands at Cantata

It's a cooperative effort to help older adults live their best lives, whether it's Cantata reaching out to help in the community or people visiting the campus to engage with residents.

Cantata Food Drive

To help the community out for the upcoming holidays, Cantata will be collecting donations of non-perishable food for the next several weeks.